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the national ample is, 8.2. >> sure. romney has gone to areas where unemployment is higher to feel his message will resonate better there. >> bret: women's issues. it seems like the percentage of women voting in colorado and maybe even in this area in particular is higher. >> women vote more than men do in colorado. last time they were 53% of the vote. but that is the roadmap. that is the model that the democrats used in the state. they call it the bennett model. senator bennett won this way winning big with the republican women and women overall two years ago. the model goes back several cycles past to 2004. democrats have had a successful strategy of winning republican women because they might be sort of a push on economic issues. democrats picked them off by talking about sorm issues and the women healthcare. that is something they really feel resonates in suburbs like arapahoe county where you have the soccer moms and they're on the fence and they feel like that is an issue to push them off the fence. >> growing hispanic population in colorado, as in much of the west. how does it factor in
. if mitt romney remind people we have 11.7 unemployment not 8.1 america's best days cannot be behind her they have to be in front of her i think he wins by not having a moment but having a moment of real leadership and real maturity. >> in that first debate wednesday october 3rd fox news channel coverage starts at precisely at 8:55 p.m. with meg megan kelly and bret baier. >> not a minute later than that. 8:55. >> before you leave your house let's get the first degree weather update. >> we have a lot of heavy ooifrn the weekend. todayed rain is over tennessee and the carolinas already starting to see some of that early this morning and some of the heavy rain into portions of eastern alabama. it will be impacting us through portions of the mid atlantic as we head into early monday morning and wednesday many across portions of new england will be dealing with some of the heavy rain. we could be looking at a couple days of impacts from the stoerp system in the form of possibly flash flooding on some of the heavier storms with this large storm system and also severe weather will be possible
a lot more of that. obviously at the debate and this is the next phase f that campaign. >> mitt romney leads according to our poll, on unemployment and the deficit. let me ask you this, ben, because one thing our viewers may assume is that democratic base is now energized and the convention is now partly responsible for that. rece recently, jim -- our new poll, how do you feel strength of support, 72% of voters are strongly excited. that's a virtual tie and extremely or very enthusiastic about voting in november, 65% of republicans. 64% of democrats. does that worry you? in '08, part of the reason the president won was his people were way more enthusiastic than john mccain's. >> we heard enthusiasm on the republicans side last year and now it's down to turn out. people are voting right now. today. they're starting to vote tomorrow this ohio. our supporters are camped out at polling places and thousands more democrats voted in iowa last week than republicans. that's the way we've built this organization on the ground for the past 500 days. we're ip venvesting in a ground organization. >
's confronted with facts and simply worded question, when mitt romney reminds people, we have 11.7 unemployment, not 8.1%, america's best days have to be in front of her, i think he wins, not by having a, quote, human moment. i think that is a fool's earring but having a moment of real leadership and maturity. contrasted with a celebrity president who is comfortable with ellen or any of these late night hosts, than he is talking to the families of these insider attacks. i think romney has to be mature, and forceful, and has this idea, it is all in this debate, that is too convenient for the media. >> chris: juan, talk about it. but, because we kind of keep forgetting about obama. what does obama need to do. >> i think, president obama, he's leading in the polls, nationally and leading in the swing states. so, the question is, how do you reaffirm the existing status quo? >> you know, the sense that the sale has been made and he's there, not to seek any sort of dramatic moment, he just wants it to happen and, be history. and, for mitt romney, i think the problem is, i think it came out in your in
put up statistics. unemployment 8.1%. no president has won reelection with unemployment that high since fdr in 1940. gdp growth. no president has won reelection with gdp growth that low he since they started measuring growth in 1930. question, given all of that, why are you and romney losing at this point? >> we are going to win this race. give than we will win this race. >> chris: but you are not at this point. you are losing. >> we can debate polls. the president is offering four more years of the same and has been good at distorting the issue and disguising the truth and very good at distracting people. he can't run on hope and change any more. he is run aring on division and distraction and distortion to try to win an election by default. mitt romney and i will give the people a clear choice. here are the progrowth policies to get the economy and increase more take home pay for the middle class. people out of poverty into the middle class to get economic opportunity and job security. we will show the country here is what you need to do to tackle these problems. >> chris: congr
. all we hear about is how much mitt romney is practicing, practicing wherever he goes. >> today, president obama headed to las vegas for a campaign event, while mitt romney attended church in massachusetts. >>> one of the most highly contested states is nevada, where unemployment is 12.5%, the highest in the nation. their presidential race there is extremely close. both candidates according to the state's 3% undecided voters. bill whittaker talked to two of them. >> reporter: are you better off now than you were four years ago? >> no. >> reporter: single mom and nevada native admits that she sounds like a grim statistic from her economically disstressed state. >> house in foreclosure, no job? >> i'm the 47% on foot stamps. and medicaid, so you know, i'm one of those people. >> reporter: four years ago she was swept up by the tide of enthusiasm around candidate barack obama. >> i was an obama mama and i was proud to claim that. >> reporter: not so much now? >> not so much. i'm not as enthused. >> do you think that romney could be that change? >> it could be a change, i just don't
or be involved at the level or in the business level. he sent out managing directors. >> the romney campaign just issued a statement to us saying that governor romney built bain capital by fixing broken companies and helping new ones grow. with unemployment still over 8%, america has a choice between four more years of president obama's failed economic agenda or governor romney's plan to create 12 million new american jobs. when you hear something like that and know that the bipartisan congressional budgetary office has already slated that over the next four years, 12 million jobs are going to be added to our economy, what does it say to you about what the romney campaign wants to bring to an american economic platform? >> i think you bring up the point that all americans are looking for. the two different plans. we're having a hard time figuring out what mitt romney's plan really is. the real substance of it. how are you going to do it, tell us exactly. and that was always the problem with his business plan. we never got to see it as workers we couldn't tell if we could help him or hurt the comp
on job creation haven't gotten us back to work. 8% unemployment for 43 months. i mean what mitt romney said very specifically on job creation, is expanded trade by reducing the barriers, creating a better climate for america by keeping tax and regulatory policies in a better shape, energy. this president has been horrific we just lost 1200 coal jobs in virginia last week because of the regulatory policies of the obama administration, what the president of the company said. i think they've been specific on the types of things that they would do to be able to increase jobs, provide more access to the american dream, and tough decisions have to be made. i cut spending in virginia about $6 billion eliminating deficits. republican governors have done it all over the country. sure there was some complaining and hardship at the beginning but we're running surpluses and the job rates in red states are better than blue states and that's what mitt romney will do. >> he's been specific about his goals. he hasn't been specific about how to reach those goals. what about what paul ryan acknowledged
will come down to one thing, if governor romney explains that his plan to get jobs going is no different than my race in 2010. all i talked about what i would do to turn the economy around. it worked. unemployment has dropped faster than any other state. down 2.3 percent. last month, we were second to texas in job creation. my competition is governor perry. if he talks jobs, governor romney, he will do well. that is the biggest issue in our country. clearly, it is an issue in florida. we have done well but we still have people unemployed. a lot better than what we were but we still have a lot of work. >>neil: you reminded me at the convention and other times we have chatted, polls are fleeting and fickle. but it is interesting to me that in some of the states, swing states, the president made inroads and it could change over night. if -- in ohio, in michigan, in wisconsin, all the republican governors, all practicing turn arounds, all utilizing policies that would appear to be anathema to president obama but now the benefit seems to go to...president obama. >>guest: it is incumbent upon
after the wednesday night debate, we'll get the latest unemployment report. if governor romney could turn in a strong debate performance and another tepid jobs report, there's a chance for this race to change after debate number one. >> if you're the obama campaign, you're looking at all these numbers in our brand-new poll. what's most encouraging to you? >> reporter: in scrubbing through the demographics, the regional numbers, here's one thing they will like at the obama campaign. among white voters nationally, the president gets 41%. governor romney gets 56%. governor romney's beating him by a big number, how is that good for president obama? given the president's support among african-americans, latinos and other voters, governor romney needs to keep the president to 37%, no more than 38% of the white vote. if the president's cracking 47% of the white vote, that's a formula for an obama victory. and where are the key big battleground states? there are several in the midwest. ohio, iowa, wisconsin. look at the race in the midwest. obama, 52%, romney, 43%. the president is winning t
. that could hurt the president. >> it can, because it's sort of the right climate for mitt romney to take advantage of the president's battle ground, foreclosure of the country. double digit unemployment in the state here. worse than the national average. what the president is trying to do is say look, not just low her expectations from the debate but say he has got a better plan for the future. take a listen. >> governor romney is a good debater. i'm just okay. but what i'm most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working americans. the president trying to focus on the future not his record. the past seems to be working in this battleground not by a lot but the real clear politics average of recent polls here in nevada shows the president up 49% to 45% over mitt romney. again, this is one of those states with business background, economic background mitt romney should be breaking through. instead right now he is trailing. not by a lot but is he down here, shep. >> shepard: ed henry live in las v
guideposts but no incumbent has been elected with an unemployment rate over 8% and barack obama's on track to get re-elected. things are true until they're not true anymore. >> i think that mitt romney's challenge is enormous. but doable, his people believe, if he can come off as a credible alternative, someone people can live with for four years. because we live with our president. and that makes it such a personal choice. chris: scoops and predictions [ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. you can give in with dreyer's slow churned light ice cream. we churn it slowly for all the rich and creamy taste with just half the fat. so now you can have your ice cream and it eat it, too. chris: welcome back. tell me something i don't know. >> romney's campaign spent millions of dollars running these welfare ads that were dishonest but had a chance of really hurting the president with white workin
romney according to some political analysts will continue to hammer away at that 8% unemployment rate and like the stagnant nature of our economy. >> and he should. the problem is mitt romney saying these things. and it's not just about the 47% that was mentioned in that speech. you have to remember, he also talked about if i was perhaps latino, it would be easier for me, i would be winning this thing already. he said a bunch of other things in that video that this is going to undermine his ability to really attack the president on domestic policies and seen as believable. because we saw mitt romney talking in private about how he really feels. so what he says on stage is going to sound hollow because we saw him behind the scenes. and that's his greatest obstacle about the whole video. it's not about the numbers and trying to break it down, it's the sentiment behind the entire video which was condescending, which came from a place of elitism. >> okay. he just misspoke. >> no, i think, carol, he makes a good point. that's going to be very difficult for romney to readdress that 47%. on
effective messaging that the romney campaign should have stuck with. let's take a look at that. >> what did we get? national debt over $15 trillion and climbing. unemployment above 8% for 40 straight months. ongoing economic crisis with no end in sight. he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. >> so i think this is very effective messaging to the center that he tried, you tried, it's okay to make a change. it recognizes the fact that a lot of americans really like this president and are proud of the role that they had in electing him in the historical role they played in electing the first african-american president. if he had stuck with that all the way through, you could see how a foreign policy criticism as you laid out, saying we had this opening to make a historic transformation in the world, be he tried, you tried, it's okay to change, you can see how that could have been a theme that could have worked but because they were unable to make a clear decision, now here we are, a month before election day, and they have no idea where to go. >> well, yeah. the debates are certainly
to recession. we have bad unemployment numbers. people are dropping out of the workforce. guess what? all we're talking about is mitt romney and bain capital all this nonsense. they believe that some of that, and you know, just so much you can blame on liberal bias. they believe some of that problem with not getting message out is romney's fault. that he is not out there. he is not pushing the agenda in terms of the weak economy and foreign policy as well that is another thing. tracy: if they support, and get as you republican congress, right, if we have a democratic president and republican congress you still have stalemate. >> but you still have, it is better than before. then if he wants to do anything in the second term then president obama has to, remember last week, journal came back and followed me today, last week reported about potential treasury secretaries. jack lew at the top of the list i said. erskin bowles is number two. larry fink may be a third. i think if the republicans take senate and house, if you want to get anything done with the budget i don't think you bring in there
voters at a time when unemployment is 8.1% when the foreclosures are still a huge problem. it's an opening but not a game-changing kind of opening. >> i agree but if you're the romney campaign you look for any opportunity to put the president on the defensive and raise questions about him as a leader. that's what i think they're tryinged to do. >> woodruff: all right. well, we are deghted to have both of you back with us this monday night. stu rothenberg, susan page, thank you. >> brown: now, from the state of the race to one of the key issues. hari sreenivasan looks at what's at stake for one of the largest parts of the american health system: medicaid. >> another deep breath. sreenivasan: when many americans think of costly government programs, they often think of medicare. but medicaid, the nation's health insurance for low-income americans, actually covers more people. it covers children, the disabled and the elderly. here's how matt, who heads the national association of medicaid directors, explains it. >> it's incredibly important. we cover... medicaid covers 62 million
factor here. the unemployment rate is a little bit higher than it is in the state-wide unemployment rate. and when they want to hear from the president and frankly from governor romney is how they can turn everything around. they want to hear how the country is going to be better in the next four years. most of them have talked about looking forward not looking back. i think both candidates probably could take some pointers from those folks. you're going to hear a lot of them on special report tonight. jenna: just really quick here, bret how specific do they want each candidate to get. we hear back and forth, they want real specifics, no they want great personality and leadership, the specifics are not that important. what are you hearing from voters. >> the people we talked to pretty much across the board were pretty much into the weeds on both sides. they wanted to know what exactly was going to happen, how it was going to affect them and how either person was going to turn the country around. the obama supporters say give the president more time, he hasn't had enough time to turn it a
. that is how i got through law school. i think my experience in working -- and, you know, mitt romney the other day chastised the 47% of people who did not pay income tax. i had to draw unemployment, i have been laid off, i know what it is like to be one of those families without a job. i was lucky. i had the gi bill, i worked hard, i made money, and i became successful. i got promoted and wound up retiring as a two-star general, selected to be commander of the illinois national guard. so by hard work and the g.i. bill and student loans, government programs, i got to where i am today. so i think i understand what it is like to work through these problems. [applause] >> i think i'm the best person to represent the interest of those folks and everyone else in the 12th congressional district, because i'm willing to admit there is a serious problem. of limit rate in this in check -- in this district is double digit. people cannot find work. some people on the state believe in getting better, but as i said, things are getting worse. if you look in our numbers and realize over the last four months, e
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)